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In the hustle and bustle of our professional lives, it’s crucial to recognise the dichotomy that exists within the realm of work: Necessary Work and Avoidable Work. The former propels us forward, while the latter, often unnoticed, hinders progress. In this blog, we’ll dissect these two categories and shed light on the pervasive issue of Avoidable Work that plagues many organisations.

Necessary Work: The Backbone of Productivity

At its core, Necessary Work constitutes the indispensable tasks that form the bedrock of our operations. These activities are the lifeblood, the essential contributors to productivity, progress, and ultimate success. Without them, our endeavours would be akin to a ship without a rudder, aimlessly adrift.

Avoidable Work: Unseen Hindrances

Contrarily, Avoidable Work encompasses those seemingly innocuous, yet insidious, tasks that stealthily erode time, resources, and energy. Identifying and subsequently mitigating these tasks could potentially unleash a reservoir of untapped potential, allowing for a redirection towards more pivotal pursuits.


The Many Faces of Avoidable Work

Avoidable Work, ever so crafty in its manifestation, assumes various forms, each presenting its own set of hurdles for productivity:

  1. Redundancy: This manifests when tasks are needlessly repeated due to miscommunication, procedural gaps, or a lack of standardised practices.
  2. Inefficiencies: Time is a finite resource, and inefficiencies rob us of this precious commodity. Whether it be the futile quest for improperly labelled files or the arduous search for information on an inaccessible server, inefficiencies are productivity’s silent adversary.
  3. Communication Overload: In an era where communication is abundant, it’s all too easy to become ensnared in a deluge of emails. Streamlining communication channels and consolidating information dissemination can be a beacon of efficiency.
  4. Decision-Making Delays: Progress is often stymied by indecisiveness, whether it stems from a lack of clarity, fear of responsibility, or an absence of established decision-making frameworks.
  5. Interference: Conflicting directives emanating from different teams can breed confusion and sow the seeds of frustration, diverting attention from productive endeavours.
  6. Inconsistent Processes: Standardisation is the cornerstone of efficiency. Tasks that should follow established protocols instead become subject to individual interpretation, resulting in inconsistency.
  7. Lack of Information: In the absence of clear policies or role delineations, employees are left with no recourse but to seek answers from managers, leading to an unnecessary bottleneck in workflow.

The High Costs of Avoidable Work

Recent studies reveal that businesses grapple with a staggering 30% of Avoidable Work. The repercussions are substantial:

  • Financial Drain: 30% of gross wages squandered on non-contributive activities.
  • Error-Induced Costs: Mistakes and duplications incurring additional financial losses.
  • Missed Opportunities: Imagine redirecting that 30% towards revenue-generating endeavours.
  • Frustration and Demotivation: A pervasive sense of helplessness and irritation among employees and managers.

The Manager’s Crucial Role

At the heart of this issue lies management – the vanguard of identifying, resolving, and preempting Avoidable Work. A pivotal mistake a manager can make is to overlook the avoidable and still grapple with it, thereby perpetuating the cycle. This often leads to colleagues offloading tasks, creating a burden that exacerbates the pool of Avoidable Work, ultimately intensifying collective frustration.

Escaping the Money Burning Loop

Breaking free from this loop necessitates a paradigm shift. It involves acknowledging Avoidable Work, implementing strategies to minimise it, and fostering an environment that prioritises efficiency and continuous improvement.


Money Burning Loop

It’s high time businesses acknowledge the profound impact of Avoidable Work on their bottom line, employee satisfaction, and overall productivity. By addressing Avoidable Work head-on, we pave the way for a more efficient, effective, and gratifying work environment. 


Let’s work smarter, not harder. Reach out for a complimentary Avoidable Work Assessment and start reclaiming your time today!