Talent X



Normal recruiters uses outdated hiring methods that haven't changed in decades. Talent X Uses a proven hiring method that sees 75% success rate.*

*hiring success means the candidate a) stays 12 months or more, b) meets or exceeds role expectations and c) does not cause cultural or interpersonal upsets.

Other Recruiters

Talent X

Minimal role scope.

Brief phone call & (sometimes) request a job description of the role.

Uses an existing (exhausted) pool of candidates.

Poaches candidates from existing database based on “buzz words” in resumes & role titles. Sometimes places a job ad.

Convinces candidates to be interested.

Convinces candidates to apply for the role, usually using money as the carrot. They sell the role’s “benefits”

You have to meet with them to screen them.

Poaches candidates from existing database based on “buzz words” in resumes & role titles. Sometimes places a job ad.

Money discussions are done with the recruiter, not you.

Recruiter may push their wage up/ convince you to hire the candidate for more than they’re worth to get their commissions of 15-30%.

You have to Ref Check them, if any are done at all.

Recruiters hardly Ref Check thoroughly because they’re not looking for reasons not to hire the candidate.

"Aftercare" of re-poaching and limited free replacements.

3 month free replacements, if at all. Highly likely to re-poach later, keeping candidates on their databases for life.

Thorough role profile.

43 questions to determine role specifics, company culture, competitor profile, benefits & challenges.

Creates a custom pool of candidates.

3 job ads are written and posted, especially targeted to your ideal candidate & repels unwanted candidates. Gets up to 3x more candidates.

Detailed personality, performance and knowledge screening.

TX ensures candidates have previous productivity and performance and objective value added. Screen them on the Talent X Personality Profile which is 89% accurate.

Provides a full, transparent candidate report.

All candidate details, interview notes, red and green flags are noted along with their Personality Profile & suggested next steps.

Works on fixed fees so that they are not motivated to increase your wage spend.

Contract + negotiation done by TX on your behalf, often making back a portion of their fixed fee.

TX Reference Checking Process is stringent and thorough.

This process is never done by the same recruiter who did the hiring. Looks for reasons why you should not hire the candidate to protect your business.

Replacement options up to 12 months with a non-poaching guarantee, for life.