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When done correctly, an employer brand can make top talent compelled to want to work for you over other employers.

These days, the best people don’t look for jobs – jobs find them. You know, a fantastic employee has so much choice over who to work for and with a lot of roles, their skills can also be applicable across different industries. So not only are you competing with your competitors in your direct industry but potentially with companies from a completely different industry than yours, which makes the likelihood of them wanting to work for you very small, unless you can give them a very compelling reason or reasons why they should work for you.

  • In a survey of HR professionals, 86% of them indicated recruitment is becoming more like marketing.
  • A strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50%.

To win the talent they need, savvy hirers are adopting a strategic mindset to attract more of the right kind of people to their organisation – and they’re using recruitment marketing to do so.

The other component is employer branding.

Employer Branding is the perception, reputation, feelings, thoughts and emotions current and potential employees have about an employer.

Employer branding is all about reputation and how you as an employer is perceived. You have a strong brand if potential employees can see or know that you’re a great employer who fulfils their promise, provides a productive and safe working environment, growth opportunities, development, etc.

A strong employer brand starts with how you come across online, how your job ads are written, how you hire and interview, and the general presence you portray as an employer.


A strong employer brand starts with you who are, who you are not, what makes you different from other employers, what your staff think about you, etc.

I have listed out a series of vital questions you need answered if you would like top talent to choose you over other employers.

This is best done with key people in your team as a half day workshop. This content can then be used across your recruitment marketing, added to your brand book, and be the basis of your career page theme.